JLPT N1 passers 80,000 yen
JLPT N2 passers 20,000 yen
JLPT N3 passers 5,000 yen
Students who passed EJU with more than 600 points 80,000 yen
※The scholarship is granted to students with overall attendance rate higher than 95% (upon receiving test results) and attendance rate higher than 90% on the month of receiving.

College Mission

SMI Business College loves its students, steps forward together with students, and gives priority to students’ needs, values, and real satisfaction. Through Japanese language education, it is our mission to contribute to students’ future, and to play active role in global business.

— Five Promises —

  • SMI Business College promises to educate 5B's (Basic Literacy, Basic Posture, Basic Behavior, Basic Knowledge, Basic Skill)
  • SMI Business College promises to educate 5S's(Seiri or put in order, Seiton or tidying, Seiso or cleaning, Seiketsu or sanitary, Shitsuke or upbringing)
  • SMI Business College promises to nurture human resources to company’s acceptable standard using synergy effects of students, teachers, and hiring companies.
  • SMI Business College promises to provide students the best one and only know-how of basic and specialized education.
  • SMI Business College promises to offer 1700 hour classes in two years, which will enable students to find and secure employment in Japanese company, and to fulfill students’ satisfaction.



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