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Essential item for a job in Japanese company is “Japanese language for global business” !

Susumu Nishinou

Academic background: Keio University, Faculty of Business & Commerce Career: NipponKoa Marine Service Co Ltd

In order to have a job in Japanese company, essential requirement is "communication literacy" in Japanese language at global business level, and "self-improvement to store, and perform" what company business require such as business knowledge, experience, and technique. Global business needs "English-based knowledge" of international custom, laws, accounting, depend on each company business. They use mixed words of Katakana English, abbreviations, plain English in conference and business talk. Let's learn "Japanese language for global business", and challenge to have a job in Japanese company.


Let’s learn Japanese language and culture

Rikiichi Hyodo

Academic background: Kobe University, Faculty of Economics Career: Sumitomo Chemical Co Ltd

I understand that applicants to enter SMI Business College wish to have employment in Japanese or foreign companies operating in Japan. Business in Japan can not be successful without knowledge of Japanese history, culture, and life-style, in addition to speaking capability of polite Japanese. These two are not split, they are closely related each other. Let’s combine these two, and learn them pleasantly.


A step forward to dream

Nobuyoshi Suzuki

Academic background: Sophia University, Faculty of Foreign Studies Career: Marubeni Corporation

I think working in Japan is the best option to achieve your dream. Japan made great economic development, companies overcame numbers and numbers of ordeals during the period with strong will, excellent ideas, speed and accuracy. These are essential elements for success in business. Japanese companies are full of opportunities to learn them. We entirely help you, and make your dream turn to reality. Let’s try our best together.


Oversea employment is not only experience, but a weapon for future progress

Ryuuji Matsushima

Academic background: Komazawa University, Faculty of Law Career: Principal of Only One Japanese Language School

If you want to develop international business in future, study and/or experience only in mother country will not be enough. What companies want is not only educational background, but to recruit persons who understand partners' ways of thinking, difference of custom and culture, and apply them in field. Work experience in oversea , even if it is for a short period, will be your intellectual asset in future. Entrance to SMI Business College will be a first step.


Japanese companies look forward to your arrival

Sadao Tatsumura

Academic background: Nihon University, College of Science and Technology Career: Strategic Management Institution Co Ltd

Rapid globalization everywhere in the world. More FTA's, more Japanese companies move their production base to overseas keeping up with changes of world market. Companies want to recruit persons who is bilingual, multilingual with specialized knowledge acquired in college, and reliable with thorough understanding of Japanese business custom and manners. SMI Business College will provide, in addition to Business Japanese, practical training classes what universities do not do, but is necessary for employment. We educate and nurture people who companies want to recruit. Make your dream come true with us.


Let’s do our best toward ready-to-use Business Japanese

Naruko Kiryu

Academic background: Gakushuin University, Faculty of Law Career: JAL Academy Co Ltd

Hello, I'm Kiryu, Japanese teacher at SMI Business College. What do you think you need to get employment in Japanese company? Not to mention of Japanese language, I think you need following two. One is, "be hospitality minded". This may be referred as Japanese business culture, and common among every type of industries, not only in Service sector. The other is "acquire accentless pronunciation". Japanese at business standard will require pronunciation as same as Japanese speaks. Let's do our best.


Let’s open the door to Japanese companies together

Issei Tsuji

Issei Tsuji Academic background: Kyushu University, Graduate School of Engineering Career: Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

Welcome, students. We understand you aim at employment in Japanese company. Team of lecturers are all well-experienced, we help you intensively from specialists' view point. This college provides specialized course to nurture people to pass employment examination in Japanese company, then grow to become an active business person. We thoroughly teach ready-to-use Japanese language in business field, as well as work procedures and manners in Japanese companies. Come, and get a job in Japanese company to show your abilities. We offer you maximum support.


If you wish for employment in Japanese company, acquire basic learning terms, and challenge for qualification certificates

Koichi Tanaka

Academic background: Hosei University, Faculty of Engineering and Design Career: Vice‐principal (Industrial Course) of Komatsubara High School

In order to have a job in a Japanese company, it is important to acquire learning terms used in school textbooks, in addition to daily conversation. Once you are in Japanese company, every type of industry has its own special terms. You may not understand those special terms unless you acquire basic learning terms by then. Learning terms are beneficial when you take various qualification examinations. University graduate is worthy, but qualification certificates are advantageous to employment. Challenge for qualifications for your employment opportunities.



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