Applicants from USA, UK, and native English countries

  • 21st century is global, borderless, IT age. World population is 7 billion, however 200 million are jobless.
  • Regardless of developed or developing countries, there are numbers of young people without jobs. This is serious problem in each countries of the world, however Japan’s youth unemployment rate is low among developed countries.
  • It is said that BRICS is growing market in 21st century. Also growth in East Asia is noteworthy, eg China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia etc.
  • Japan is a developed country in East Asia, and is a matured country, matured economy, matured society with numbers of problems. However Japan has 2000 years of history, tradition, culture and civilization.
  • Japanese companies, regardless of large or small scale, want to recruit first-class human resources with specialized knowledge and professional skills from English speaking countries.



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