Distinctive Features of SMI Business College

SMI Business College is a vocational school for employment in Japanese companies.
We have our own know-how in education stored from 40 years experience.

Talented persons, own education know-how, 1700 hours, human resources, Japan, employment in companies.
  • Vocational school to provide students with bachelor degree in home country specialized knowledge and skills for employment in Japanese companies.
  • Vocational school providing 1400 hour Japanese language classes, 300 hour employment training classes, 1700 hours in total.
  • Vocational school to learn JLPT N1 level, acquire various qualifications and business manners for preparation of employment in Japanese companies.
  • Vocational school to nurture human resources to be employed in Japanese companies, and active as global business persons.
  • Vocational school organized by Director Iwai with first-class Japanese language teachers, entrepreneurs, executives, ex-managers, and persons in charge from personnel department of employing companies as lecturers.



Contact by Phone : 047-434-2535